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Film Hungarian film wins award at Cleveland International Film Festival

Hungarian film wins award at Cleveland International Film Festival

Lili Horvát’s romantic drama ‘Preparations to Be Together For an Unknown Period of Time’ won the Best Central-Eastern European Film Award at the 45th Cleveland International Film Festival.

The jury of American film experts said Lili Horvát’s film was “a refreshing blend of Italo Calvino and Kieslowski’s wit, an ambitious guide to the intricacies of desire and a clever, charming, and at first glance illogical blend of love and a beautiful enigma.”

This year, Cleveland’s major international film festival was held online, presenting 116 feature films and 182 short films to American audiences over two weeks. The Hungarian entry is a love story that straddles the line between reality and fantasy is still in the running for the Independent Spirit Award, known as the “Oscar of independents”, the winner of which will be announced at the end of April.

The film has been an outstanding success in Hungary and abroad, winning awards at film festivals from Warsaw to Chicago and being received with great enthusiasm by US film critics at its US premiere in late January. Most recently, the movie won the Best Director award at the international film festival in Dublin. Lili Horvát’s film will be screened in Europe, Canada, Latin America and Australia in the near future, after the National Film Institute sold the film to 20 countries.


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