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English MVM Zenergia concert series recognised with prestigious award

MVM Zenergia concert series recognised with prestigious award

Eventex Awards, one of the biggest international competitions for events, attracted entries from 37 countries this year. In a fierce competition, the MVM Zenergia 2020 event, nominated by Hungarian agency Lounge Group, was awarded the gold prize, the highest in this contest.

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This year’s Eventex Awards was the 11th in the history of this prestigious event, where the jury had to select the best events from 561 entries.

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“This acknowledgement is entirely about values. For being a company of fantastic creativity, flexibility, with aspiration to innovate. So, huge congratulations to Lounge Group!,” said Ovanes Ovanessian, the co-founder of the Eventex Awards.

MVM Zenergia, a large-scale classical music concert commissioned by MVM Zrt. for the 5th year in a row, had to be implemented in 2020 amid the epidemiological situation. The challenge was completed with success by MVM Zrt., and Moonlight Event, the event organiser division of Lounge Group. They had 3 scenarios to proceed with the programme, and considering the epidemiological situation, in the end, they decided in favour of the safest solution: the online event.

“It was a huge challenge to transfer such a significant artistic production to an online platform in such a professional way that could provide the audience with almost the same audiovisual experience in their homes as if they were enjoying the performance on location,” said Pál Simonics, Account Director of Moonlight Event.

Several members of the Lounge Group’s full service team worked on the implementation of the event, including Moonlight Event’s event coordinators, Lounge Design’s creative and account staff, New Land Media’s media specialists, and Lounge Communication’s PR staff. In addition to them, Visual Europe Group provided the spectacular lighting technology.

The more than half a year of joint work between MVM Zrt., and Lounge Group has paid off: MVM Zenergia 2020 was awarded the highest prize in the Virtual Fundraising Event category by the international jury of the Eventex Awards.

“The fact that this event won a gold award is a tribute to the work of the entire staff of the event. This is a recognition that is very important for us. There were big international brands and renowned agencies among our competitors, too, so this success also shows that the knowledge and competence of Hungarian professionals can compete with anyone’s,” adds the event management company’s account director.

The prestigious international competition also brought success to the Lounge Group’s event technology division Visual Europe Group: their #PowerOfLiveEvents entry took home two gold and three silver awards.


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