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English Dance, folk concert and great atmosphere – the 25th Danube Carnival gala...

Dance, folk concert and great atmosphere – the 25th Danube Carnival gala on Margaret Island is coming!

This Year Danube Carnival is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Fortunately there is nothing to stop us from celebrating together on the prestigious cultural festival on Margaret Island. On the occasion of the anniversary a spectecular gala awaits us on the wonderful Margaret Island Open-Air Stage, where we can enjoy professional and amateur dance ensembles. The evening, before the gala Pal Istvan „Szalonna” and Band, a popular Hungarian folk band celebrating its 15th anniversary and gives a jubilee concert. On June 11 and 12, a pleasant summer evening atmosphere will await us, where folk dance and folk music will be in the lead!

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The Danube Carnival has been taking a special place on the Budapest festival map for 25 years and the programs covering several genres simultaneously present the rich folk music and dance heritage of the Carpatian Basin. On June 12, on the occasion of the quarter-century anniversary of the event the performers will present a selection of Best of Danube Carnival, the most memorable moments of the last 25 years, as part of the spectecular gala show. All this in the fabulous surroundings of the Margaret Island Open-Air Stage.

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The audience can see a selection of the most beautiful scenes from The Monarchy Ball, The European Dance Caravan, and Our Love, Kalotaszeg performances. In additional to the Duna Art Ensemble and the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, the main actors of the evening will be the most outstanding folk dance ensembles and orchestras in Hungary. Performers include the Bem Folk Dance Ensemble, the Tököl South Slavic Dance Ensemble, the Göncöl and Kolo Bands and the great flamenco dance artists Zsófia Pirók and Andrea Lippai.

Pál István Szalonna és Bandája
Pal Istvan „Szalonna” and Band

On the eve of the 25th Danube Carnival Gala, on June 11, István Pál „Szalonna” and Band celebrats its 15th anniversary with a jubilee folk music concert. The Tarsoly Orchestra and János Csík, the founder and primate of the famous Csík Orchestra, as well as the excellent dancers of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble will also take part in the performance. At the concert entitled „Together” we can also listen the best musicians from Transylvania, Transcarpathia and Hungary.

In addition to their musical friends, the students of the orchestra members will also take the stage and we will also listen to the most famous Transylvanian traditional musicians. In connection with the anniversary a photo album about the Band will be presented at the Danube Carnival, from which we can learn many behind-the-scenes secrets about the band’s life. Let’s spend two mind-blowing summer evening together celebrating the double jubilee and the colourful Hungarian folk traditions with the Danube Carnival on the magical Margaret Island!


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