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English Levente Molnár named Best Male Actor at São Paulo

Levente Molnár named Best Male Actor at São Paulo

At the 11th Cinefantasy International Film Festival held in São Paulo, Levente Molnár was awarded the Best Male Actor award for his role in the first feature film by director Balázs Krasznahorkai.

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Due to the epidemiological situation, both the Brazilian International Fantastic Film Festival, and its award ceremony was held online.

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Ravine, the film directed by Balázs Krasznahorkai is a father-and-son story, a drama set in a high mountain landscape, evoking the atmosphere of ballads. Bálint (played by Levente Molnár), a Hungarian doctor of Transylvanian origin returns from Budapest to the snow-covered mountains of Maramures, into his hometown, to bury his father.

This is when he meets his teenage son whom he abandoned 17 years ago, and his trip intended to be a short one takes a fatal turn. Bálint is confronted with his son Simon living a self-destructive and rebellious life under the tyranny of the local mafia boss, Dumitru. The film poses questions regarding the strength and ambivalence of family ties, the inevitability of crime and punishment, and the possibilities of a fresh start and deliverance.

Beside Levente Molnár in the leading role, the film also features Dénes Babai, Lajos Kovács, Levente Orbán, Rozi Lovas, and Roland Tzafetás.

Last year, Levente Molnár was awarded by Hungarian film critics in the Best Supporting Actor category for his two memorable performances in Tall Tales and Captives.


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