Hungarian successes at the PaMus Flow Global Music Competition

Sztranyák Dávid - forrás: MVM Zrt.

The PaMus Flow was a global music competition held online in the first week of March, where young woodwind and brass talents from all over the world competed against each other. In the prestigious competition, many successes have been achieved by Hungarian competitors.

In the category of trombone players, two of György Gyivicsán’s students scored successes: János Mátyás Dobi won the first prize, and the second prize went to Gergő Kedves, and Zoltán Czirok could also stand on the top step of the podium.

Competition in the category of bass trombone also ended with Hungarian victories as Sztranyák Dávid, who was recently recognised with the Junior Prima award, scored the highest, and another György Gyivicsán student, Gergő Janák also finished first place. The student of Hőna Gusztáv, Norbert Czeilinger became second.

In the PaMus Flow Competition of French horn players, István Bolykó, the student of Zoltán Varga, was awarded the number one spot.