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English Record number of concerts at the Early Music Days

Record number of concerts at the Early Music Days

A genuine baroque atmosphere with a record number of concerts and programs will be on offer at the Early Music Days between 3-10 July. Filharmonia Hungary is going to revive some of the mundane and glorious moments of the baroque period. You can select various activities related music, literature, learning and playing. In 2021 the organisers are preparing several new events. In addition to Vác, you may also enjoy concerts at the Palace of Gödöllő, at the venue of Sissi’s remarkable concerts.

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The festival opens at the White Friar’s Church with the performance of the world-renown hungarian Orfeo Orchestra and Purcell Choir. At 8 pm György Vashegyi is conducting the Stölzel Passio that was last performed in the 18th century.

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In Vác master courses are held by several outstanding professors: Ágnes Kovács and Elisabeth Scholl (singing), Vera Balogh (flute), Piroska Baranyay (baroque cello), Sheng-Fang Chiu (recorder), Simon Standage (violin), Malcolm Bilson (fortepiano), and György Vashegyi (chamber music). For the first time Gödöllő is also going to join our program. On 5 and 7 July outstanding international representatives of early music will perform at the picturesque venue of the Grand Hall of the Royal Palace.

In addition to music literary programs will also be available. On 6 July Szilvia Becze, presenter of Bartók Radio, will host a unique interactive program …if Bach and Händel could have met …1747, with the participation of Barnabás Szabó Sipos and Armand Kautzky.

On the evening of 8 July a recurrent guest of the Early Music Days the Capella Savaria is performing Telemann compositions. Solo artists Andrea Bertalan on flute and Zsolt Kalló on violin are joining the orchestra.

The program will close with an irresistible concert of the Purcell Choir and the Helsinki Baroque Orchestra at 8 pm in the Friars’s Church.


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